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Taj Martinis

TajMopolitan– Our most popular signature martini! Like a Cosmo but with a blend of our juices.

Elder-Goa Martini– A martini with a flowery twist, made with Vodka, elderflower liqueur, a touch of Amaretto and a blend of our juices.

Bhangra Martini– A fun neon green one! Made with Orange Vodka, Crème de Banana, Melon Liqueur, and Sweet sour mix.

Ginger Emerald Martini– Just like an emerald, made with Sky Ginger Vodka, Blue Curacao, topped with ginger ale and OJ.

Exotic Apple Martini– Absolut Apple Vodka, a splash of cranberry, fresh lime juice, and a touch of agave/honey to top it off.

Purple-Lotus Martini– A purple martini made with Gin, Blue Curacao, Lychee Juice, with a touch of grenadine, and garnish with mint leaves.

Citrus Nimbu– Our version of a lemon drop, made with Cytron, Vodka, Triple Sec, fresh lemon juice and a sugared rim.

Indian Rose– Roses are a unique aroma, and this Drink with Gin, Apricot Liqueur, and Rosewater; is as special as a rose.

Sweet Treats

Key Lime Martini- Refreshing and just enough sweetness to it just like a real Key Lime Pie, made with Vanilla Vokda, Melon Liqueur and cream.

Crème Brulee Martini- A very tasty one with Vanilla Vodka, Butterscotch, Irish Cream, a touch of Raspberry Liqueur, and cream.

Kamasutra Martini- A treat in itself! Vodka, Crème de Cacao, and Irish Cream with a touch of cream optional.

Sugar & Spice Martini- Kahlua, Irish Cream, Butterscotch with a touch of cinnamon ….and everything nice!

RajMint- A tasty chocolate mint, made with Vodka, Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacao, and cream.

Pink Elephant- A cute tasty pink Martini made with Vodka, Triple Sec, Juice, and cream

Green Jewel- A sweet Green Martini made of Malibu Coconut Rum, Melon Liqueur, and cream.

Kheer Masala- Made with RumChata and a touch of Hot Damn! It’s a yummy one!

BubblePop Martini- This bubble gum flavor will hit the spot, made with Vodka, Banana Liqueur, Southern Comfort and cream.

Exotic Drinks

Mango Colada- Malibu Coconut Rum with Mango Vodka, mixed with our Coconut Mix. A Favorite!

TajMarita- A very unique taste made of Tequila, Triple Sec, a touch of Amaretto, and a splash of Orange Juice and Sweet Sour.

Rajasthani Iced Tea- A refreshing signature cocktail made with Absolut Wild Tea Vodka, and our most Famous Iced Tea. Topped with Agave and fresh lemon.

India Spice- A favorite made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, and Bols Peach Liqueur, with OJ and our special coconut mix.

Royal Honey- A royal cocktail made of Honey Whiskey, Amaretto, and a touch of Orange Juice.

The Peacock- A very nice combination of Tuaca Liqueur, Ginger Ale, and fresh Lime.

Ginger Root- Vanilla Vodka, Ginger Ale, and a hint of Root Beer. The best Root Beer ever!

Gills Island- Like a lemonade, but with Whiskey and a touch of cranberry Juice.

Garba- Malibu Coconut Rum with a splash of Apple Liqueur, topped with pineapple juice.

Punjabi– Simple but perfect made of Vodka, Melon Liqueur, and a splash of Cranberry Juice.

Spicy Margarita- A perfect spicy Margarita!

Mango Mojito- A special one made of Captain Morgan Lime Bite with our special blend of juices.

Bubbly Wine Concoctions

Odyssey- An Odyssey for sure in a wine glass, filled with Red Wine, Grand Marnier, and a touch of Chartreuse. A special one!

Champagne LeFlor- A glass of Champagne topped off with St Germain Liqueur.

Pink Lotus- Champagne with a pink flair, mixed with our combination of juices.

Safari Sangria- With Tuaca Liqueur, Hennessy Cognac, Red Wine and a blend of juices. A happy Glass!

Delhi Cake- Champagne, Vanilla Vodka with a splash of Cranberry.